Mar 5, 2016

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Know The Difference Between The Content And The Container

171 - Know The Difference Between The Content And The Container - Life Tips

Simply put: Do not attribute positive or negative attributes to a person based on who they remind you of in your past.  Only time allows us to fully know the content of an individual.

For example, many date people who look like their parents.  The value built up by their parents can be subconsciously transferred to the individual they are dating, oftentimes without experimental reason.  The person they are dating may be nothing like their mom or dad, but the expectation may be there based on the similarity in appearance.

Same thing goes with police officers.  Just because a cop is in uniform doesn’t mean he is good or bad based on your previous experience.  Only time reveals the true character of the officer, primarily based on how he or she uses their authority.

We must allow ourselves to create new, fresh thoughts about people, and not repeat thought patterns based on existing impressions.

Know the difference between the content and the container.  You cannot create the content of the past just because the container appears to have those same ingredients.  Create the future.

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