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On a mission to educate and inspire her students and community, Aleah is consistently building on top of a dynamic foundation and an extensive repertoire of career and life experiences.

Whether through her impactful life tips here on, or courses and advising sessions, Aleah is focused on serving Christ and people.

In addition to building this online platform, Aleah has presented over 200 college level classes (video link), and is also a high school mathematics teacher (video link).

Aleah earned her master’s degree in Business and Entrepreneurship from Columbia College Chicago, and her bachelor’s degree in Media Communications from Marquette University.

Aleah inquisitively immerses herself in research and activities daily to increase her wisdom, awareness and abilities. It is her spirit, focus and standard of excellence that makes her contribution special.

Aleah is committed to youth development. As a sophomore in college she developed Empower Our Youth, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization serving at-risk teens in her hometown of Milwaukee, WI with a mission to inspire youth to pursue higher education and positive action. One EOY special project was an all expenses paid out-of-state colleges tour for over 40 students and their parents.

Aleah says both her grandmothers were known for outstanding community service, with one serving as the Mother of her church, Bethany Church of God and Christ.

Atop more than 16 million other search results, has number one worldwide article rankings on Google Search and is nearing the 100,000 viewer mark!

Aleah’s platform features both life tips and confidence boosting fashion articles, often seen beside those written by staff writers at Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and Oprah’s OWN.  She’s been featured on the Steve Harvey Show (video link), Wendy Williams Show, ABC-7 (video link 1, video link 2), WGN-TV (video link), in addition to having produced over 400 televised shows for WCIU-TV “The U” in Chicago (video link), helping the company secure over a quarter of a million dollars in sponsorship revenue.

So whether you love spiritual inspiration, fashion tips, youth development through education or all of the above, Aleah’s got something for you!  Above all, remember Aleah’s most fundamental message: God loves you!



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