Jul 10, 2013

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Spiritual Wealth is True Abundance

Abundance is feeling as though you can manifest anything your heart desires, both tangible and intangible. That is the key.

Material wealth, since its source is man made, it is limited to attracting more of that which is man made or tangible. These tangibles can cause intangible reactions, however, but remember the source is man made. The reaction does not belong to material wealth, because material wealth cannot guarantee any specific human reaction. That is up to the spiritual human being. It’s the reason why it is possible to give a person everything he/she desires and he/she still won’t be happy.

Spiritual wealth is sourced in intangible God force. To achieve it one must know thyself and tap into the endless supply of happiness and guidance that lives within. Spiritual wealth is inward. Material wealth is outward.

Spiritual wealth is a gateway that provides access to God’s infinite intelligence. Everything you need is inside of you as God lives within. All the answers, healing powers and creative abilities to manifest material wealth and more are, and always have been inside of you. This intangible abundance has infinite manifestation power, which is the definition of spiritual wealth.

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