Oct 6, 2013

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Do Not Worship Things, People or Yourself

This morning I was reflecting and the word detachment came to mind.  In one sense, this word seems cold, like lacking connectedness.  But truly having a wise sense of detachment keeps us from worshiping things, people and even ourselves.

For instance, one of my friends bought a brand new silver luxury car, it was beautiful. But I quickly identified that he was way too careful about how he and others handled the vehicle, particularly how valets drove and parked it.  He also constantly spot checked the car.  One day I gently recommended that he not worship the vehicle, and God knows.  Less than five days from that conversation he called and said he was just in a car accident.  Thankfully he was not harmed, but the vehicle was totaled.

When we feel or act out of moderation we receive divine alarms.  These alarms are to inform and empower us, and help us be and live more harmoniously.

The universe anchors us toward balance.  Just as the universe constantly stabilizes itself, those same divine forces help guide our lives.  It is our free will that either supports our stabilization or disturbs it. 

In what areas are you receiving divine alarms?  Are you using your free will to support your stabilization or disturb it?

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