Sep 16, 2014

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I Quieted My Life, So I Could Hear My Soul

I Quieted My Life, So I Could Hear My Soul


I quieted my life, so I could hear my soul.  Today I became very curious as to why I don’t have many attachments, meaning I do not desire anything so much that it causes me frustration to not have it.  I was an impatient, ambitious Aries that wanted to achieve my goals, like yesterday!  I quickly rose to career heights that took people in my field 20 plus years to accomplish.  Then my paradigm and priorities shifted.  I started focusing on how solid my foundation was, if I was setting my bricks in a way that would allow me build a stable, long-term structure.  Despite two degrees, dean’s lists, trophies and my dream job, the reality was that I had to do some groundwork.  I had to break everything down to build it up again.

After four years of ‘life and soul school,’ and quieting my life, I’ve built myself up in a way that has freed me from unnecessary desires.  I feel free.  This is truly living.  And you don’t have to have much to feel like you have everything, because everything you need is already inside of you.

So today I congratulate you in advance for rebuilding your foundation.  For taking a good look at yourself and your life, and figuring out what are your fundamentals: who are you at your core and what is important to you?  Then determining how you will live your life in harmony with your fundamentals, this is living authentically.  If your career, relationships and surroundings are different from your fundamentals, then you have to rebuild your foundation so that you can stand on stable ground in the short and long-term.  If you’re into astrology, this is the job of Uranus, to shake up your life so that you can settle into a more authentic position.  Once the process is complete you will be happy you were brave enough to see it through.

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