Oct 26, 2014

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Why You Should Seek Truth, Not Comfort

Why You Should Seek Truth, Not Comfort


Seek truth, not comfort.  Sometimes it is unsettling to seek truth, because what you discover may temporarily strip away your current comfort.  We tend to like both comfort and truth, but which one do you value more, and which one are you inclined to choose?

Many people choose comfort.  This makes sense because it is instantly gratifying and feels good in the short-term.  Truth does not always offer that immediate reward.  For example, some people may say, “The truth is I need to be up at 5:00AM, but comfort means I want to sleep until 6:00AM.  The truth is that I chose the wrong degree program and need to switch, but comfort means I’ll stay in this program since I’m more than half way done.  The truth is I’m not really happy in my relationship, but comfort means I’ll stay rather than start over with someone new because I know this person.  The truth is that you hurt my feelings, but comfort means I’d rather not tell you because it may further disturb our relationship.”

I happen to be a person who values truth more than comfort.  I have sacrificed many comforts to live in my truth, because living in my truth is what gives me ultimate comfort.

Comfort and truth have very different meanings and can take your life in two totally different directions.  From my experience, seeking and choosing truth over comfort creates a much better life.

The reason why we feel comfortable with certain people and things is because we have practiced working with them, so they appear to be easier for our brains to process and navigate.  But as we know, easier does not equate to better.

Many people fear the unknown, when they should actually be more cautious about repeating known patterns that do not serve them.  If the known factor is detrimental there is nearly a 100% chance that it will fail you since you have already experienced it and determined its impact.  On the other hand, there is at least a 50% chance that the unknown factor will succeed.  Based on objectivity, discernment and statistics, it would be better for you to pursue the unknown.  It reminds me of a quote by Barack Obama, “If I do not run, I’ve already lost.”  If you do not take the chance at succeeding with the unknown factor, you’ve already chosen self-defeat.

Self-mastery involves understanding and believing in yourself, as well as talking calculated risks.

I believe in doing what is best for immediate and long-term purposes, regardless of simplicity or complexity.  The earlier you take necessary actions to eliminate situations that are not based in your truth, the better your present and future experiences will be.  Don’t get stuck where you shouldn’t, stay in motion.

Be decisive, have confidence in your judgement.  Embrace people and things that resonate with who you are now.

Realize that new, true and better comfort is highly possible for you.  All it takes is embracing the process of change.

In pursuit of your truth, in a graceful manner, some feelings may get hurt.  But people heal, and situations pass.  Are you willing to live outside of your truth to accommodate another person’s emotional needs?

Emotional security is very important.  But if you are uncomfortable with a person then perhaps your emotional security is not more important than their truth.

Differences in wants and needs are usually what create issues in relationships.  For example, a person may want stability but get turbulence, want intimacy but get ignored, want peace but get chaos, want growth but get resistance, want forgiveness but get blamed, want praise but get criticized, want faith but get doubt.

The best relationships are formed by people who understand how to serve and protect the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual needs of themselves and their partner.  Look at both sides of the coin to determine if balance can be restored in these areas.  Once trust is gone, however, it can be very hard to re-establish these fundamentals.  Plus, once you know the truth, there is no going back.

Authentic living is the highest form of comfort.

If you are reading this then you know what your truth is.

From an astrological perspective, for example, water signs (Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio) are deeply nurturing, compassionate and are often not as concerned about their own needs as they are another’s, true to their “fixer nature.”  As a result, they can be overly giving and find comfort in people and situations that may not be good for them.

All signs benefit from speaking their truths, but especially water signs since they frequently withhold them to avoid hurting others’ feelings.  They are highly sensitive, empathetic and intuitive people who often also seek comfort in the retreats of their own mind, protected from feeling vulnerable.

Speaking your truth in highly emotional circumstances may feel uncomfortable, but it is necessary.  Clear your throat chakra.  Turning inward will remain an option, but grasping an opportunity to assert yourself to someone or pursue something will not.  When you get the chance, be bold and say what you feel.  That is better than not experiencing the outcome of expressing your authentic self.

Our lives shrink or expand to the degree of our courage, so don’t flinch. Carry out necessary changes.  You are more powerful than all of your fears, for an abundance of reasons.

Travel to the other end of your rainbow to find the pot of gold God created just for you.  

Rainbows symbolize God’s covenants with man.  Perhaps God has given you a sign unique to your situation about which direction to go in.  Be in tune with your spirit, that’s where God places the answers to your questions.

Where do you direct your mind at the end of the day, when it’s just you and no one is demanding your attention?  There is where you find your truth.  Express and experience your truths more freely, not just in those brief moments alone.

You are walking on solid ground, embraced by the loving Spirit of God.  You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you.

Truth is real, empowering, long-lasting, clear, harmonizing and eye-opening.  There is no illusion in truth.  Choosing truth provides the greatest reward, which serves every aspect of your life, now and in the future.  This is in store for you when you seek and choose truth over comfort.


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