Aug 7, 2018

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You Are The Mary Of God’s Money – Wealth Impartation (Video) – 34

God has entrusted you with what belongs to Him, including His SEED of Money.  Mary received the SEED of the Holy Spirit (Jesus), and was entrusted to nurture it, then submit it back to God.

God chose her, in part, because He trusted her with His SEED.  She did not become overly possessive of Jesus, or angry/resentful when it was time to submit Him back to God.

As an addition, we saw God IMPART more to Abram when He was willing to PART ways from his SEED Isaac (who ultimately belonged to God).  God could trust that Abram was willing to part from his seed, and not make it his idol.

God is more willing to bless you with wealth, when you honor His divine principle sowing and reaping.  When He puts seed (money) in our hands, we must be willing to release it (sow), in order to reap.  In the Bible, 2 Corinthians 9:6 says, “The bountiful sower reaps bountifully.”

Can God trust YOU with more seed?  Learn more about how the process works, watch the broadcast!


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