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Do you desire financial and time freedom?  Are you willing to learn a skill that can help you multiply your money?  We are in the midst of a global wealth transfer.  People are waking up to their authority and deciding to learn how to trade in the largest financial market in the world.  I am committed to helping everyone who is willing to learn and take action get plugged in.

Consider joining my organization, IMultiply Money, within IM Mastery Academy.  IM Mastery Academy is the strongest and most popular educational platform that teaches people how to trade foreign and digital currencies, commodities, indicies and binary options.  In addition, the optional network marketing component allows independent business owners (IBOs) to share the opportunity and earn residual income on a weekly basis.

We teach you how to trade with live educators and recorded courses.  In addition, our signals software helps you earn while you learn.  So if you know nothing about trading, you can still start with our signals by simply copying and pasting.

Did you know that a $200 account, compounded at a rate of 2% with 431 trades, results in over $1 million?  It's true!  Download my $1 Million Compound Plan below.  All the projected figures and more are included.  Consecutively winning that number of trades is unlikely, however with our IM educators, the right strategy and endurance you can achieve your trading goals.  You secure your own separate brokerage account, and our IM educators teach you how to trade profitably.  The banks are already leveraging your money to compound in the financial markets.  It’s time for you to learn how and WIN!

We recommend that everyone start as a customer.  As a customer, you have the option to partake in our scholarship program called 'Two and Free.'  Refer two active subscribers with your enrollment link and your tuition is waived, so long as the subscriptions are active and are of an equal or greater value to your package.  Refer three or more subscribers and consider becoming an IBO.  IBOs are not eligible for 'Two and Free,' but are eligible for commissions.  You can earn residual income ranging from $150 up to $500,000+ per month based on the number of active subscribers in your organization.  See the compensation plan below. 

We set you up for success.  Are you ready to join the movement?

The initial enrollment fee for the Platinum Starter Pack is $234.95.  After 28 days, the monthly subscription is $174.95.  The recommended Web Analyzer add-on is $21.95 per month.  You can also upgrade your existing subscription, or purchase additional add-ons.  Remember, as a customer, your subscription will be waived if you enroll two active subscribers with an equal or greater package using your enrollment link. 

Click on the link below when you are ready to subscribe to IM Mastery Academy.  Then, see the IM Launch Kit below for detailed onboarding instructions.  If one of my IM team members invited you to join us please use their enrollment link.

Link to join:

My username is “imultiplymoney.” 

IBO Compensation Plan


The network marketing component of our organization is optional.  Become an IBO and enroll three active subscribers to earn $150.00 in residual income.  This is the Platinum 150 rank.  Build a team and enroll 30,000+ active subscribers within your organization and earn $500,000 in residual income.  This is the Chairman 500 rank.  View the chart below for the ranks in between.  For Platinum 5,000 and below there is an additional incentive of $25 for each FRX, DCX, and HFX package enrollment, and $50 for each Elite package enrollment.


Take control of your time and financial future.  Come and learn about how to trade in the largest financial market in the world!  My Forex MasterClasses are Monday through Thursday at 6:00PM CST on Zoom.  Registration for the day you attend is required.  Registration ends at 5:00PM CST on each day a class is held.  To be admitted, please click on the link inside of your registration confirmation email that says "Click Here To Join."  This is necessary so that we know it's you when requesting admission upon arrival. There is no cost to attend.  Register here

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Email questions to, or leave a message here.  

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