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Do you desire financial freedom?  Are you willing to learn a skill that will help you multiply your money?  Consider joining my organization, IMultiply Money, which is connected to IM Mastery Academy.  We teach you how to trade currencies with live educators and recorded courses.  In addition, our signals software empowers you to learn while you earn.  So even if you know nothing about trading currencies, you can still start trading with our signals by simply copying and pasting.  The long term strategy, however, is to develop your own trading system.

Did you know that by starting a $200 account, and compounding it at a rate of 5% with 180 trades would make you a millionaire?  That is my focus, to help you become a millionaire.  Consecutively winning 180 trades at 5% is unlikely, however with the right strategy and endurance you can WIN!  You secure your own separate brokerage account, and we teach you how to trade profitably.

Become a customer and refer two new subscribers to get your tuition waived, so long as the subscriptions are active.  Refer three or more subscribers and consider becoming an independent business owner (IBO).  You can earn residuals from $150 up to $1 million a month based on the number of subscribers in your organization!  See the compensation plan below.  

We set you up for success.  Are you ready for the journey?

The initial enrollment fee is $225.  The next month will be $174.95 for the Platinum Starter Pack, or you can opt for an upgraded package.  Prices and availability are subject to change.  Once your initial fee is paid, the monthly subscription fee that follows is locked.

Watch my 22 minute introduction video above, then click on the link below to join when you’re ready.  Email questions to consulting@aleahconnect.com.

Link to join: