I’m Glad You’re Here! Let Me Tell You My Story...

Hello!  My name is Prophet Aleah Connect and I am on a mission to teach what is on the Holy Spirit’s Heart, as well as how to elevate using God’s word and your mind power.  I also help mentees manifest their kingdom business assignment through the power of writing in my signature group mentorship program and course entitled, ‘Write and Profitize Your I AM” within Connect Consulting.  My book, ‘Wisdom Jewels: How To Activate The Power Of God And Transform Your Life, Volume 1’ tells my story, and more, in greater detail.  Public ministry classes are LIVE on Facebook + Periscope Sundays at 8PM CST.  Our mission: Together we are led by the Holy Spirit to do the will of the Father on earth. 

I found my purpose through entrepreneurship.  There were three life changing stages: (1) September 2006 - I founded a 501c3 not-for-profit youth program called Empower Our Youth during my sophomore year in undergraduate school at Marquette University, where I and those I recruited to support (college students, parents, and community leaders) provided after school and summer programs as well as events to underserved youth in my hometown, Milwaukee, WI.  I also wrote a grant and received over $6,000 from Great Lakes to take our scholars to Atlanta, GA for an all-expenses paid out-of-state colleges tour.  It was the first time most of the scholars visited a college campus.  I also introduced the students to the art of elegant dance, etiquette and dining through our Black & White Ball.  This is the beginning of my service leadership as an entrepreneur.  

(2) April 2011 - Five years later I developed the Aleah Connect brand, which I had been conceptualizing over the course of a year.  This was towards the end of my graduate studies at Columbia College Chicago.  I was also working for a television broadcasting company, Weigel Broadcasting, as a Content Producer, On-Air Talent, and Video Editor, developing fashion-related content.  I was promoted to this role in 2009, after one year of working with the company.  It was a blessing!  But after a couple of years I realized that I did not want to continue creating content that I did not own.  So I decided to begin publishing independently online via my website,  Then, I decided to become an independent consultant.  Through self-publicizing, I reached both local and national audiences on television through networks such as ABC, NBC, WGN and programs like the Steve Harvey Show, transferring my skills to multiple platforms.  I was also paid thousands of dollars by PR firms and fashion brands such as Edelman and TJX to sponsor my self-produced content for television.  In addition, I wrote hundreds of articles on my website,, reaching number one world-wide rankings on Google, and attracting 100,000+ views within five years.  My most popular article was initiated when I lived in New York in 2012, inspired by the fashion I saw in Manhattan and Union Square.  Previously, while working for Weigel Broadcasting, I produced 400 live and taped shows, broadcasting in Chicago exclusively, which helped my employer secure over a quarter of a million dollars in content sponsorship revenue.  Some of my content included makeovers, which was birthed out of my desire to use my fashion platform to spiritually uplift my audience.  Later, I created a ‘Heart & Soul’ section on my fashion dominated website and wrote articles related to spirituality.  I was getting closer to my purpose, and did this to fulfill my new assignment to serve God through media.  I committed to this in 2012 when coming back to faith in Jesus Christ during the hardest time of my life.  I asked God to take over my life and allow me to work for Him.  God responded immediately, but I did not fully discover my purpose until five years later. 

(3) October 2017 - I officially started Aleah Connect Ministries.  Soon after, I decided to convert my brand from fashion to spirituality completely.  Meanwhile, I had been teaching since 2013, both at the college and high school level.  At the end of November 2018, I left my career teaching Algebra I and second master’s degree program, solely on the word of God, to relocate and further build my ministry.  I moved to Dallas, Texas from Chicago, Illinois, which was a 952 mile solo drive!  Rewind to May 2017 - seven months after my initial Aleah Connect Ministries broadcast.  God told me that I had His Hand, and the glory would be upon me, making me His Prophet.  I tell the story in my broadcast ‘How God Empowers A Prophet To Serve You.’  Fast forward to October 2018, He assured me He’d be with me in my transition to Dallas, TX, and He was.  I experienced miracle, after miracle!  Having grown to know, hear and trust God, as well as experience Him prophesy through me live online to hundreds of people who have confirmed the accuracy of their prophecies, I now have an organic, unbreakable love and relationship with Jesus Christ, Father God and the Holy Spirit.  Today, I’ve taught and prophesied to thousands of viewers and brought many of them to faith in Jesus Christ.  Our sowers have received spiritual, physical and financial harvests.  One sower testified that she sowed our Psalm 91 seed, giving her best seed of $0.91.  This was all that she had beside the penny in her account that was left (she even sent me a screenshot of her account the night she sowed).  In less than one week she testified that she received a $30,000 harvest!  The Lord dropped the asking price of the home she and her husband purchased by that amount.  GLORY TO GOD!

The Brief Version Of My Autobiography:

I earned my master’s degree in Business & Entrepreneurship from Columbia College Chicago, and my bachelor‘s in Media Communications from Marquette University.  I’ve worked in financial business, education, real-estate, television and fashion.  My hometown is Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and I’ve lived in Brooklyn, New York; Chicago, Illinois; and now Dallas, Texas!  I love spending time with God, family, and friends, as well as learning and teaching.

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-Prophet Aleah Connect


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