“Thanks bunches for my first class, Coach and Prophetess Aleah Connect!! Thanks for helping me unfold my packed up, I AM!  Lol. 

You were very attentive, naturally engaging, genuinely committed and thought provoking.  I am super excited about planning out and walking into what the Holy Spirit has already gave me permission to present....✨👑💫

I am ready for the next class on August 25 at 4PM CST.  After your class today, I am clear, I have work to do and I AM the content developer for the next month.  Again, Thank You Prophetess Business Coach! ✨👑👑

Then the LORD replied: "Write down the revelation and make it plain on tablets so that a herald may run with it,” (Habakkuk 2:2).”


"I am so thankful to God for His divine direction and our connection.  I am thankful for this new experience with Him as I am reading His word and putting it in my heart."


"I took a page out of your book in prayer tonight!  Thank you.  I am excited about this new chapter!"


"After talking to you I shifted my thinking, went back in there and gave it another shot and it worked in my favor!"


"I'm crying right now.  I feel so at peace.  Thank you!  Woah what a feeling!"


"Blessings to you for imparting wisdom jewels to the Lord's people!  Only by His grace and favor are we prosperous and grow."


"Today I received a settlement that I've been waiting for for two years!“ (After sowing his Psalm 91 Seed)


“Thank you so much for sharing!  Your spirit is so rich in assurance.“


“Hello my beautiful Prophetess...the greatest seer of my time.”


“I can hear you, Lord.  I can hear your voice.”


"You are always so accurate, it's scary to be honest. You have a lot of influence and power. I always send you blessings, you really are priceless.  We need more women leaders like you. Will you bless us before you log off?"


"Aleah you told me I would sow my way out last year. And I absolutely have! I gave more than I ever have and am receiving blessings back to back!"


"I need this meditation! The enemy is really trying to tire me out. I've just been feeding on the word.  Pray for me!"


"I absolutely love this and can attest to it as well. Powerful Prophetess."


"After I sowed my $0.91 seed I got a harvest, nearly $30,000 deduction off of my mortgage!"


"I feel so much lighter (after receiving direction about how to launch her business)."


"Thank you for allowing the Lord to use you to share your gifts with the world."


"God loves me that much! I'm humble. I seriously believe He used your journey Aleah to inspire me to get into place as I did. #DivineTiming"


"The reverence, fear, and respect you have for God's word and instructions are inspirational."


"Hi Prophet, I did get your book, I love it.  I do want to join you for the teachings."


"Hi Woman of God, I just want to say thank you very much for the prophetic hours on the scope. I am so blessed to have come on your scope today God has spoken and set me free.  I am so grateful for you and pray God uses you more and more."


"Wow, I'm really at a loss for words. I believe it was your words and prayers that kept him ok. I was convinced I wasn't pregnant anymore.' (Two days prior she complained of pain and bleeding)


"Pin-point accuracy." (Describing my prophetic anointing)


"This (word) came right on time."


"I need this."


"What a gift!  The glory of the Lord shines through you!"


"You always speak to my heart and situation."


"I want to sow into your ministry, how can I do that. Again, thanks for Sunday (prophetic impartation on broadcast), my head is still in the clouds! I feel a stronger connection to the Holy Spirit and I'm loving every minute of it."


"Yes, more of this please!"


"Thank you Aleah your prayers gave me strength!"


"The prophetic (impartation) was so powerful and I do want to keep that line open with God."


“You are very strong, it's amazing how God has worked in your life. You have a lot of courage and faith. You actually inspire me to get up and step out. Safe travels."


"I feel a weight lifted off of me. I went to church for the first time in months. I feel the fire of God on me. I learned that I can't hide from God. He sees everything. I'm happy for growth. I have my smile back. You have such a beautiful spirit. The closer I get to God the more I see God in you. You are a blessing to everyone you come in contact with. I first sowed because I was desperate for a miracle. Now I'm just grateful for my growing relationship with God."


"I need more people in my life like her she is AMAZING!"


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