The Holy Spirit has used me to prophesy to thousands of viewers online.  Viewers consistently confirm the accuracy of their prophecies, shocking every witness!  'Pin-point accuracy' is how my prophetic anointing is described.  I am honored to serve as a Prophet for God and the generations.  

My teachings of God's word and spiritual laws are to edify the body of Christ.  Teachings are usually happens at the top of our live broadcasts.  Afterwards, we dive into the prophetic as the Holy Spirit leads. 

Our ministry is known for strengthening people's relationship with God through revelations and demonstrations of His presence.  Visit our Testimonials page to learn more about the impact our ministry is having on people's lives.  

We are also blessed with anointed soil!  People who sow into our ministry have reported astounding seed harvests, some of which you can read about on our Testimonials page.  If you have a testimony please send it there or in our Contact page.

May your heart be filled with the Holy Spirit, and your personal relationship with God blossom.  Our Father is a GREAT GOD!

Visit the Autobiography page to learn more about my story.


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