Together we are led by the Holy Spirit to do the will of the Father on earth.  

Aleah Connect Ministries is a Virtual Church featuring our School Of Wisdom Jewels where I teach what is on the Holy Spirit's Heart, as well as how to elevate using God's word and your mind power.

We provide public classes, private courses and group coaching, as well as books.  Public classes are live on Facebook and Periscope Sundays at 8PM CST!  You can also find them uploaded to YouTube.  Private courses are on Teachable, and group coaching associated with our central course is live on Zoom.  Join us!  

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The Holy Spirit has used me to prophesy to thousands of viewers online.  Viewers consistently confirm the accuracy of their prophecies, shocking every witness!  'Pin-point accuracy' is how my prophetic anointing is described.  I am honored to serve as a Prophet for God and the generations.  

My teachings of God's word and spiritual laws usually happens at the top of our broadcasts.  Afterwards, we dive into the prophetic as the Holy Spirit leads. 

Our ministry is known for strengthening people's relationship with God through revelations and demonstrations of His presence.  Visit our Testimonials page to learn more about the impact our ministry is having on people's lives.  

We are also blessed with anointed soil!  People who sow into our ministry have reported astounding seed harvests, some of which you can read about on our Testimonials page.  If you have a testimony please send it there.

May your heart be filled with the Holy Spirit, and your personal relationship with God blossom.  Our Father is a GREAT GOD!  Sign up for our Aleah Connect Ministries E-Letter below to stay updated.

More About Prophet Aleah Connect

I earned my master’s degree in Business & Entrepreneurship from Columbia College Chicago, and my bachelor‘s in Media Communications from Marquette University.  I’ve worked in business, education and television.  My hometown is Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and I’ve lived in Brooklyn, New York; Chicago, Illinois; and now Dallas, Texas!  I love spending time with God, family, and friends, as well as teaching and learning.

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