-(After sowing her seeds (including Psalm 91 seeds) into our ministry) “Aleah you told me that I would so my way out last year.  And I absolutely have!  I gave more money than I ever have and I’m getting blessings back to back!” -Martina Thomas, Facebook

-(After sowing his seeds (including Psalm 91 seeds) into our ministry) “Good afternoon Aleah!  I pray your day is going well!  Just want to let you know, I have a praise report. Today I received a settlement that I’ve been waiting for, for two years.” -Cyrus Robinson, Facebook

-“You are always so accurate it’s scary, to be honest, you have a lot of influence and power.  I am always sending you blessings you are really priceless, we need more women leaders like you.  Will you bless us before you log off? -Hmmsphil, Periscope

-“I had to obey the Holy Spirit and make some difficult choices as well in obedience to His will.  It is costly and requires a lot of sacrifices.  So I am grateful to see you stepping out on faith and believing in Him for your calling, His blessing on you, and those you are helping.  God bless you Aleah Connect.  You have blessed me with your posts and videos and it is good to see the grace on your life to share His word!” -Anique Ruiz, Facebook

-“Hi precious woman of God, I just want to say thank you very much for the prophetic hours on the scope.  I am so blessed to have come on your scope today.  God has spoken and then set me free.  During the scope you noticed I was breaking joining in and out.  My internet connectivity was not very good but I managed to hear everything God was saying, even through the replay.  You are a great woman of God,  I am so deeply grateful for you.  I thank God for you please keep praying for me.  And pray God will use you more and more.  From today I just want to connect in a special way with you and your ministry.  And I proudly say you are my Prophetess.  I will follow up and just learn from your ministry.  God bless you tremendously.”  -Teza, aleahconnect.com

-“You inspired me to pay attention to my surroundings and practice mindfulness again.” -Dayanna Barajas, Facebook

-(After receiving a prophetic word from me – God told me to tell him to ‘Rekindle.’) “Wow, that’s amazing! I asked God to send His children to help me.  Rekindle is the word I’ve been using in my prayers for the past 4 months.  I know it was right on time.  Thank you.  I didn’t know I could rekindle the fire and passion within me.” -Elyoungstar, Periscope

-(After receiving my prayer to stop her from miscarrying) “Wow. I’m really lost for words.  I believe it was your words.  Your prayers kept him okay.  Because I am telling you I was convinced.  I didn’t feel pregnant any more.” -Anonymous, Facebook

-“I need this meditation.  The enemy is really trying to tire me out. I’ve just been feeding on the word and reducing my meditation because of WHEW!!!  Pray for me!” -BrightGirlMedia, Instagram

-“My God I absolutely love this and can attest to it as well.  Powerful Prophetess.” -Latresha Penister, Instagram

-“Class was OFF THE CHAIN!!!” -Alexia King, Facebook

-“Thank you for allowing the Lord to use you to share your gifts with the world.” -Krystle Ann, Facebook

-“Man, God loves me just that much!  I’m humble.  I seriously believe He used your journey, Aleah, to inspire me to get into place as I did! #DivineTiming” -Jae Trammel, Facebook

-“The reverence, fear, and respect you have for God’s word and instructions are inspirational.” -Martina Thomas, Facebook

-“Beautiful!  The glory of the Lord shines through you!” -Anique Ruiz, Instagram

-“Amen, I love my cousin’s wisdom.” -LibraQueen Green, Facebook

-“Pinpoint accuracy.” -YoungTimothy23, Periscope

-“This came right on time.” -Irene T. Wilson, Facebook

-“What a gift Prophet Aleah Connect!  God bless you!” -Anique Ruiz, Instagram

-“Good morning!!  Thank you for that word!  Definitely was on time and something I needed to hear!” -Cyrus Robinson, Facebook

-“Hey Aleah, I want to sow into your ministry how can I do that?  And thanks again for Sunday, my head is still in the clouds!  I feel a stronger connection to the Holy Spirit and I’m enjoying every minute of it.  Things are really starting to happen regarding (her profession).  It hasn’t even been a week yet, and all I can say is to God be the Glory!  Amen!” -Latonia, Facebook

-“Thank you, Aleah, your prayers gave me strength!  I will definitely keep in touch.  Please say a prayer for this new job, favor, success and God’s will in all.” -Rachel, Facebook

-“The prophetic word was powerful and I do want to keep that line open with God.” Jeff, Facebook

-“In love with this fire and energy for our Savior!  Thank you for allowing God to use you.  It was just what I prayed for.  Confirmation and clarity!” -Ebony, Facebook

-“I need more people like her in my life.  She is so amazing!” -LibraQueen Green, Facebook



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